Project Submission Guidelines

Love Tuolumne County is actively seeking great project ideas to enhance the lives of our residents. A few ideas for projects include but are not limited to: clean-ups, gardening, food/clothing drives, weed-whacking, playground refurbishments, school spruce ups, painting, acts of encouragement and much more!

Once submitted, a project will be evaluated to make sure it follows the guidelines below. If approved, you will be notified. Projects should be submitted at least 30 days in advance in order to properly plan, fund and solicit volunteers in time to ensure the project's success.


  1. Must benefit Tuolumne County and our residents.
  2. Must have a dedicated Project Manager who is comfortable complying with the Project Leader Expectations. If you don't have one, we can get one, but we are especially happy when you can identify a Project Leader when you submit a project. 
  3. Have a duration of one day or less. If the project is longer, focus on a major component of a larger project that can be completed in one day.
  4. Be able to be accomplished by volunteer workers. Volunteers do not receive cash compensation.
  5. Must be non-political.
Reasonable funding may be available to pay the costs of the project.

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